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I'd give it a title If I could think one

So I'll write this instead

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Hail kohl
19 June
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We're a mess of eyeliner and spraypaint
DIY destruction on chanel chic

Stay beautiful

I'm very lame, frequent such places as Gloucester and #uk_goffs and tend to swing mindlessly between trad anc cyb0r. And pure manics glamour needless to say :-)

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User Number: 975853
Date Created:2003-03-30
Number of Posts: 199

Irreversibly irritating, slightly yellow and a spot too mushy. Glows under ultraviolet light, reacts well with vodka, the cure and bigod 20.
Strengths: Music taste+20 Punctuation+10 Cure Obsession+20
Weaknesses: Dancing skills -3 Dress sense -2 Appearance-21 Social interaction skills-21 Tact-3
Special Skills: The ability to annoy, and then destroy relationships with same species.
Weapons: Goggles to protect from space debris
Keywords: Joy division:The cure:Bigod 20:Funker vogt:converter:die krupps:the manic street preachers:lights of euphoria:velvet acid christ:Fugly:tubgirl:irritant:toxic:oddity:

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