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Apparently the deleted journals entries wont show up on friends pages, so I'm reactivating this account just so that this post gets through - this journal is being deleted. My new account which is friends only is hail_kohl

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Important.. kind of.

This journal is being deleted, due to the fact that someone takes it too seriously and goes through every posts scanning for the slightest trouble.My new journal (under the name hail_kohl) will be friends only. I'm currently only going to add friends from IRC or Real life, but if anyone else wants in, just leave a comment at the gate thingy I guess :-)
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I should burn bristol.

Went to see what my local-est cyberdog had to offer. Realised after leaving shop that we now had nothing to do as every other shop was "urban fashion" (however it's described, it's dull)

Wandered around in the rain for two hours looking for some pub called "the eclipse". Spent all my money then left. Miserable.

Am now sehr tired, and have wasted another precious day of my youth

I need a job. An errand. Hobby. Something productive.
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tehranien has an LJ? o_O god now he's most definatly a blast from the past. What the fuck is this? I think I have nostalgia for passing out in the sanford park play area.

I am sick with everyone's meddling. If he'd left well alone I'd be in full time lessons by now, and would have a chance with my gcses instead of getting dragged out every time fuhrer holdey is bored.

This calls for a vodka in bed day.
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Yeah. Right.

Is there a way to make those trad-goth cloak things look good? If you have an answer.. do tell..

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Councillor lady at school has said, think positive.
What is carla good at?

Listening to music
fucking things up
squeezing into a size 8
Handling jehovas witnesses
listening in general.

Everyone can listen to music. I think I need to start an active role. Just sit on the computer till 2am fiddling with stolen software. _wires was talking about some music tec course in gloscat. I wonder If I could fit that around my a-levels next year o_O

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Looks like I may be kicked out in the near future.

Next time someone tells you that opening umbrellas indoors is bad luck, believe them.

so what does that leave me with. I've fucked up in school, and fucked up at home.
the positive side is that lea has beer. Will be back later.
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